What Clients say

Scott Bishop
60 Logged Dives

Sidemount Diver
Full Cave Diver

My Full Cave Diver training with Tek-Center and Harry Gust. Already in the preparation for the course Harry impressed me with fast email replies, detailed information and several phone calls with me. It was important to take the cave course in my native language with an experienced cave diving instructor that conduct's all courses by himself. In no way did I want to land in a large impersonal dive center where a more or less experienced instructor is assigned to me and I'm left on my own to see how I get by.
I followed Harry's recommendation and took the cave course in the sidemount configuration which after a short introduction was the perfect way of cave diving for me. The equipment provided by Harry was of high quality and in impeccable condition. Harry performed the challenging cave course in a very experienced, calm and professional way. With skills that do not work out right away Harry let's you with great patience practice them again and again until they are done well. After each dive there was detailed feedback on the exercises and the dive. Already 2 weeks after the successful completion of the course I received the certification from TDI which means a very fast and good communication between Harry and the association.
My conclusion, Harry Gust with the experience of 14 years teaching cave diving in Mexico did an excellent job.

Martina & Daniel, Richard
200+ Logged Dives

Sidemount Diver
Full Cave Diver

We both finished our Sidemount and Full Cave Diver training with Harry Gust in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Already beforehand Harry showed absolute reliability - emails were always promptly answered. Since we both were not interested in training with two tanks on our back we were very glad that Harry was not biased to Sidemount or Backmount diving.
During the training we were able to benefit from Harry's extensive know-how, professionalism, perseverance and perfectionism. Harry takes the training very seriously after all an oops can be fatal. He has a clearly structured course and the skills were repeated until they became second nature.
Harry did not always have it easy with us at times we were really senseless and complicated. But he always remained calm and factual and explained again and again.
Afterwards on the way back or when eating a pizza we laughed a lot together. Harry is a really cool and fun guy and always has an interesting story in store.
After the training Harry guided us through beautiful caves for three days.
Thank you Harry we have learned a lot from you and would follow you in every cave at any time 🙂

Holger Rettig
250+ Logged Dives

Sidemount Diver
Full Cave Diver

I final fulfilled an eight year old dream to become a cave diver. If you inform yourself of who is the most qualified cave instructor in Playa del Carmen you always come across the same name Harry Gust. After checking the website www.cave-diving-mexico.com I had some additional questions that Harry answered immediately he has also offered a telephone call which made the entire preparation much easier. The course is hard but fair with a lot to learn and Harry is always patient. If an exercise is not performed correctly you repeat it until it sticks. Nothing is given to you, you have to earn it.
Some exercises are done on land most in the open water and under real conditions with some theory in-between the cave dives.
Harry is easy to get along with and between the teaching has time for some private words or even a joke, he is a good and conscientious instructor.
After the course I did some guided cave diving with Harry to put the new skills to practice. We had some very nice cave dives and even so Harry was now the guide it felt great having an instructor with a ton of experience with me.
One last thing I did the course in a sidemount configuration and glad I did so. Don't let unqualified people tell you it has to be in backmount. Harry teaches the cave diving courses in both configurations his philosophy is use the configuration that best suits the diving conditions.