Cave and Technical Diver Training

For the cave and technical training there is a flat rate per student per training day.

One student $230.00
Two students $200.00
Three students $180.00

Includes transportation to the cenote (we don’t pickup at hotels), tanks with 32% nitrox, three lights, regulators and sidemount or backmount equipment.

The Certification Fee is an additional $30.00

Calculate the final price with the below table and minimum required training days.

Essential Skills (Backmount or Sidemount) = 2 Days.
Cavern Diver = 2 Days.
Introductory Cave Diver (for certified Cavern Divers) = 2 Days.
Cavern + Introductory Cave Diver = 4 Days.
Cave Diver (for certified Introductory Cave Divers) = 4 Days.
Cave Diver = 8 Days.
Technical Cave Diver = 2 Days.
Stage Cave Diver = 2 Days.
DPV Cave Diver = 4 Days.
Basic Sidemount Cave Diver = 4 Days.
Advanced Cave Diver / Sidemount = 4 Days.

Guided Cave Diving Prices per day per diver for a minimum of 5 days.
Less than 5 days cost's an extra 15%.

One diver $200.00
Two divers $180.00
Three divers $160.00

Includes transportation to the cenote (we don’t pickup at hotels) and four tanks with 32% nitrox. Two dives with 60-80 minutes per dive or one dive with stages 120-160 minutes.

Equipment Rental per day

Wing, Sidemount Harness $5.00
Wing, Harness, Backplat $5.00
Regulator $5.00
Primary Light $10.00
Backup Light $5.00
DPV (Scooter) $80.00

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