Cave Diving Courses in Mexico

Courses are taught in English and German with certifications through the NSS/CDS, TDI and IANTD. The training brings the experience of more than 12 years teaching cave diving and more than 1000 cave dives. Practical in-water exercises are stressed over lengthy classroom sessions. The cave courses are performance based not time, limited by training and equipment standards not configuration. The following cave courses are available Cavern through Full Cave, Cave Stage, Cave DPV, Basic Cave Sidemount and Advanced Cave Sidemount.

Cave Diver Course: The prerequisite for the Cave Diver Course is the Open Water Diver Certification with some diving experience. The training is offered in Sidemount or Backmount Configuration. At a minimum the Cave Diver Course has 8 training days with 16 dives. The training progresses in three certification levels Cavern Diver 2 days 4 dives, Introductory Cave Diver 2 days 4 dives and Cave Diver 4 days 8 dives. The Cave Diver Course considers equipment, prior training, experience and abilities of the student. Physical abilities of the cave diving student are initially developed in open water exercises. During the cave diving course students are trained to avoid stressful situations and anticipate potentially hazardous conditions. The advancement of students is performance based not time. The cave diving student must learn to develop a safe diving philosophy and continually think through the proper application of common sense, good judgment, techniques, skills, and experience.

Topics and skills covered during the course are:

Equipment Configuration
Hand and Light Signals
Buoyancy Control
Body Posture and Trim
Propulsion Techniques
Gas Management
Cave Conservation
Guideline Procedures
Emergency Procedures

Basic Cave Sidemount Course: What equipment works for you is the first question to ask. Sidemount is a very personal and fine tuned configuration and when used correctly it is comfortable, practical and sleek. To make an intelligent Sidemount Equipment selection one must know the basic principles for diving with a Sidemount Configuration and the purpose of each piece of equipment so it can facilitate your Basic Sidemount Principles. If you like to take advantage of the Sidemount Configuration but happy in the normal range of cave diving the Basic Cave Sidemount Course is for you.

Advanced Cave Sidemount Diver: With a sidemount configuration the advaced cave dives are an advanced form of cave diving that require the Advanced Cave Sidemount Certification. With the removal of one or all cylinders we can pass through major restrictions. Moving along small passages and restriction where low visibility can be expected. If you like to take all the advantages of the Sidemount Configuration and learn some advanced cave diving skills the Advanced Cave Sidemount Course is for you.


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