Cave Diving Mexico

Your cave diving vacation in Mexico can range from one to three weeks and we will not run out of caves. Mexico has some of the world’s best cave diving. The warm water, clear visibility, shallow depths, low flow of water and year round consistent cave diving conditions make it an ideal cave diving location. The caves in Mexico have an abundance of Stalactites, Stalagmites, Columns, many different cave formations and cave passages that make Mexico an excellent cave diving experience.

Guided Cave Diving: The guided cave diving service includes Sidemount or Backmount, Stage Tanks and the use of Diver Propulsion Vehicles ( DPV ). The guided cave diving in the area of Playa del Carmen and Tulum provides cave dives with a duration of 60 to 80 minutes with free Nitrox 32%. Average cave diving depths in Mexico are between 40 feet / 12 meters and 60 feet / 18 meters. The water temperature stays constant at 75 F / 24 C during the year. The Sidemount Configuration provides the advantage of the Single Cylinders that are safer and easier to move and the ability to attach heavy equipment in the water. Regardless of the configuration Sidemount or Backmount the cave dives are planned within the limits of normal cave diving. For more advanced cave dives a Cave Stage or DPV Certification is necessary.

Guided Cave Stage Diving: The Cave Stage Dives let you see more of the cave taking you to places that are new to you. They are longer and more complex cave dives with durations of 120 to 160 minutes and require a Cave Stage Certification.

Guided Cave DPV Diving: The Cave DPV Dives with durations of 120 to 160 minutes extend the penetration of the Cave Stage Dives with the use of the underwater scooter (DPV) with three times the normal penetration speed or faster. Cave DPV Dives also prevent or reduce decompression in the cave. Double Stage DPV Cave Dives are possible on request.

Guided Cave Sidemount Diving: The Cave Sidemount Dives are an advanced form of cave diving that require the Cave Sidemount Certification. With the removal of one or all cylinders we can pass through major restrictions. Moving along small passages and restriction where low visibility can be expected the experience and skill of the diver is matched to the cave.


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